Peehu and Binni were born four days apart. Though cousins they were almost like twins. They lived synchronized lives sharing everything.This is the story of a very special day in lives of these six year olds.

This special day Binni’s dad (Peehu’s uncle) promised them a new sketch -pen set.  There was rush of excitement in the house. As soon as they got the news the two couldn’t stop dreaming and talking about it. There was intermittent giggling and chuckling and whispers. Their mothers smiled at there enthusiasm .The evening seemed dreadfully far away and when they were tired of talking and anticipating about the ‘new’ they diverted their attention to the old sketchpen set.

Binni said “ Peehu since we are getting the new one what should we do with the old one.. most of them have dried ?”

Peehu  gave a scientific look on the plastic cover .Opened the flap  and picking up the red one she gave her wise verdict “ It’s time that we find what is inside. “  Binni picked the yellow one and giving a mischevious look chirped  “ Yes ! we must find out .”

They both grinned and attacked the white butt of the pens with their fingers. But it was of no use because their nails were so meticulously trimmed by their mothers that their fingers kept slipping off.  The failed attempts frustrated Peehu  but  determined to decipher the innards of the coloring instrument, she finally put the white end in her mouth. Attacking it with her incisors while her hands curled around the body of the pen . ‘Plop!’ it went   as her head and hands pulled in opposite direction. She spitted out the white thing and now she was about to discover the ‘secret’ .

Binni was intently looking at Peehu with wonder admiring her brilliant idea. Peehu tapped the hollow end of the red sketchpen on her tiny palm and came sliding down a cylindrical plastic covered red thing which made a faint red circle on her soft palm. Binni followed and ‘plop’ went the yellow pen and she proudly showed Peehu her palm with a yellow spot. This was really exciting. Seconds later all sketchpens went hollow and the colored cylinders laid around on the floor. First they made spots on their palms. Then they made colorful spotted papers. Then they made thick colorful lines and  this went on  till they exhausted the might of every colored cylinder’s tip. Then off went the plastic coats. The  colored fibrous contents of the cylinders rolled over more  and more sheets of papers.

They were totally absorbed but every play had some saturation level. This one had too.     They wanted more innovation. So they went out with the dissected pen sets and spotted a tub full of water in the garden. They looked at each other knowingly. Binni dipped the blue one in the water. To their delight the color started dissolving in the water. Leaving first a spot which expanded and as she moved it  gently the color moved with a dreamy motion on  the water’s surface. Peehu dipped the green one . The blue color floated elegantly and met the green . It was fun to see those colors  progress like smoke , dance and embrace  and soon there was each one of the twelve colors floating and reflecting in those mesmirised eyeballs. They  dipped and moved their fingres in water to accentuate that colorful dance on water. When every color dissolved there was a tub full of muddy water to play with. They kept splashing and giggling till they were caught by Peehu’s mom . She was unamused at the destruction and mess  . The two sisters were given a thorough bath after a scolding . All the excitement and mischief had exhausted the two energy bundles. Hence their wait was given a break by  slumber.

It was evening when sleepy Peehu was stirred by the sound of her uncle’s motorcycle. Her sleepy mind regained the memory of the special present .She slowly shook  Binni  that it was time. Their wait was over. Binni opened her eyes and smiled at Peehu.She heard her dad’s footsteps and his voice becoming clearer. They were looking at each other.As Binni gestured to get off the bed and run to his father,both of them froze. Their eyes locked  together and the smile vanished.  They could not believe what they heard.

“ It was a tiring day.”

“Did you bring the sketchpen set …….the girls were way too excited today .”

“ Well I did go to the shop for it. But I thought the pens were in a good condition….. just that they had dried up……   so  I bought colored inks instead.”

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10 thoughts on “Sketchpens

  1. Difficult to make out if this is true story or fiction. If it is a true story, it has been well captured and narrated. And if it is fiction, author has amazing imagination and creativity!! In either case, I look forward to reading more such intriguing tales.. with a twist in the tail!!!

  2. I want to gift Peehu and Binni a sketch pen set. 🙂
    A very well written post. You seem to have captured every emotion, every expression of the girls in the above description. The narrative is interesting and forces one to keep reading till the end.
    You have all the makings of a good screen play writer.

  3. 🙂
    This is beautiful. I love the detailed imagery that you are able to create with words.

    “The failed attempts frustrated Peehu a bit but she was determined to decipher the innards of the coloring instrument.She finally put the white end in her mouth. Attacking it with her incisors while her hands curled around the body of the pen . ‘Plop!’ it went” – 🙂 🙂

    Looking forward to more….

    • Thanks dear… next i would write the story of a four year old boy who confused periwinkles with electric wires … does that ring a bell :P. Kidding! I hope to write more for sure 🙂 you be ready to read !!

  4. Superb Nids….I really enjoyed the short story…somehow the flow and style reminded me of Saki…you’ve an impressive knack in writing…keep writing as well as sharing 🙂

  5. Hi Nidhi!!
    Read ur story via a link on FB. It’s just superb. The flow of emotions were rightly mixed with the words. Terrific command over language and better expression of emotions. Keep it up. I’ll be watching, if at all u hv no objections.

    • Hi Sanjay!!

      Thanks a ton for dropping by and reading my story. You must know that your appreciation is really valued … You are most welcome to read my blog . Infact I will be waiting for more comments and suggestions from you 🙂 🙂

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