The tormentor

After an  absolutely tormenting week of apprehension and anticipation  Kavya was finally sitting in front of Vipul’s mother. She was extremely nervous .

Vipul had entered her life just two months back and changed it forever. Kavya was like still placid waters , a consistent focussed being who had her future planned meticulously. Vipul was like this  mad rush of wind that changed the placidity into turbulence and a gravitational pull that created wild waves in her life. A total contrast to her , he swept her off her feet in no time and flooded her  otherwise monotonous  life with emotions and lovely dreams. An impulsive decision maker and so full of life , Vipul surprised her with a sudden proposal and even more by the way he impressed and got approval  of her parents.

Kavya was trying to absorb in all the events when she received the letter of approval  for higher studies in US . She had managed to get a full scholarship. The one thing she had always dreamed of. But to her utter surprise she had said to Vipul that ” I think I won’t mind missing on this opportunity. Being with you is more important than anything else.” She was too deeply and emotionally involved . Her parents didn’t pressurize her but left her to decide between personal and professional life. It was all like a dream till Vipul called her last Sunday.

“I finally got time to  meet my mother and tell her about you. “

“You are a very busy person I must say” Kavya had smiled .

“Well she is busier than me . Listen she wants to meet you next Sunday. I would be on a business trip in Europe for two weeks so I won’t be able to contact you much . But yes I will mail you about her likes and dislikes. “

Kavya was starting to feel nervous what came next made her even more so” And yes she is a High Court judge make a fine appeal and don’t lose my case . I am banking my life on you !”

Though it was said in the most mischievous tone Kavya was startled , annoyed and scared all at once. She could not believe that she didn’t even know that her would be mother-in -law was such an influential person. She was angry and wanted to fight with Vipul for not being around in this testing situation. But she was so deeply in love with him that the next thought petrified her  and resonated in her head for the rest of the week.

‘What if she does not approve of me?

Kavya read Vipul’s mail. Memorized and implemented important points. She called her parents more often  this week . They  tried to help her but the inner turbulence and unease failed to cease. Living alone and working  in a metropolitan seemed worst at the moment. All sorts of stupid ideas went across her brain while she absent mindedly spoiled her routine chores. Her close friends exacerbated the situation by exaggerating the mother-in-law stereotype and just  added drama to  distress.

Kavya  had lived and relived this meeting in her imagination a zillion times and now she was sitting  in front of her tormentor, with a gazillion butterflies in her stomach.Though tensed and flustered she  managed to answer all the trivial questions about her life. However , Kavya, was bearing a secret grudge to that immaculate, graceful lady who with her serene smile was unknowingly mocking her jittery state. She kept running her fingers over the rim of the tea cup as she answered trying hard not to make a mistake. As the tea finished there was a brief silence. Kavya had eased a bit  but something in her said its just the  eye of the storm.

“Love is a spell Kavya . It blinds ”  Vipul’s mother broke the silence.

Kavya’s heart raced. ‘Oh no ! has she actually come here to talk me out of this? Well for sure such an influential lady has better plans for her son. I guess she had already made up her mind to reject me…. How could all this be happening to me? This is not good…..’ There was a maddening proliferation of negative thoughts. She wanted to stop the next words from coming from her tormentor’s mouth. But she could not.

” I fell deeply in love with Vipul’s father when I was twenty years old. He was the most charming man . It was a torrid , impulsive affair and I married him against my family’s wishes. I did not even finish graduation. That beautiful spell however began to wane and in just three years my marriage was crumbling. ”

Kavya was totally startled. Her mind had shutdown and she was just listening to something probably no one  had ever heard.

Vipul was one year old when his father left us. That whimsical , impulsive man … just left us. I had no standing. I wasn’t even a graduate. I had nowhere to go. The spell had ended and I was alone ,broken , helpless. By God’s grace and a lot of faith and hard work I reached where I am today. I could give Vipul a good education and standing in the society.”

Her voice had turned a little sorrowful and her gaze had shifted to an invisible point in space, as if she was watching her life pass by, as she related her plight in an eloquent brevity ,yet failing to keep the emotions at bay. Kavya did not interrupt the silence and waited patiently for Vipul’s mother to regain her composure. The silence was circulating between the women and weaving a secret bonding as Kavya  ,though still a little confused, was losing her apprehensive thoughts.

A few moments later Vipul’s mother  looked at Kavya lovingly .She held her hand and broke the silence in a firm yet soft tone.

Vipul has inherited that impulsiveness and charm from his father. He is a good man but his impulsiveness scares me. When he told me he decided to marry you in just two months I felt as if history is repeating itself “.

She kept holding Kavya’s hand and looked in her eyes as if she had read every tense thought that had  crossed Kavya’s mind . She continued speaking in a soft and concerned voice.

” My dear child ,don’t worry, I liked you the moment he told me about you and would have you as my daughter -in-law . I did not come to approve you. I just came to tell you that you should rethink about the opportunity for higher studies in US. You should explore your potential. You are too young . I know this relationship is important for you but it  does not mean you give up on such a brilliant opportunity . It would make me really happy if you decide rationally about it. Impulsive love is a spell but true love enriches lives and not deprives us from becoming what we want to be. “

Kavya sat motionless for sometime trying to absorb whatever had been said  .As the final words sunk in ,a tiny tear escaped her eyes. Whom she had  interpreted as  her tormentor  had surprisingly turned out  to be her true mentor.


4 thoughts on “The tormentor

  1. A very thoughtful story.. very pertinent in this age.. should motivate some readers who are in dilemma facing a similar situation..

    I liked the way the story ended.. I always like happy endings..

    Wish to read more short stories from the author. And I feel the story deserves to be published by some main stream youth magazine..

  2. You’re awesome Nids…keep going, keep sharing….thanks for the Valentine special read…the last lines of the story have made a remarkable impact, I think bro is right, it should be published to inspire the young souls!

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