A Bite from Eve’s Apple

Kamala and Bimla, raised by wolves,never learnt to be human let alone learning the nitty gritties of feminine behaviour. In short it’s the socialization that makes ‘humans’ and definitely ‘being a girl’ is taught.The process starts from birth and under the same roof differences in bringing up exist with a sad subtlness. This is so engraved in the society that even the most liberally raised women can’t deny its suffocating shadow.
This  section of my blog is my attempt to unwind and write about things which actually initiated my ‘affair with words’ about a decade ago . My first poem ‘WINGS’ , represents the first encounter with this subtle, suffocating web of demands on a human ,born feminine.
Eve shared a bite of the apple of wisdom with Adam. This was called the blame and burden of Eve that led to banishment from garden of Eden to the mortal world full of misery . But I believe that ‘bite’ was her bold quest to say ‘no’ to ignorance and her generosity to share it with her beloved… what came later is her magic and not her fault….


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