In my memory still lay that anonymous day
On an unrelated journey as I experienced jolts
on an unpaved way.

Dust rose to the sky teasing the unfamiliar eye
I was missing the comfort of a well laid road when
my mind was struck as if by a lightening bolt

There while travelling through an unaccustomed world
amidst that blinding dust I found a clarity that
almost seemed absurd

Hasseled overworked in those innumerable challenging nights
as healers  we toiled relentlessly to rescue women from tragic plights
Now the dusty road to me had revealed the unsaid
‘SHE’ could still be living who is now dead…

The one who came with a burning fever
one whose last breath made my soul shiver
The one who bled fountains of red
so pale and torn on her death bed

The one who arrived with feeble racing pulse
a ghastly horrid swell and wouldn’t stop convulse
The one who dropped the new life on the hospital door
miraculously saved as the newborn hit the floor

The one to control her life who was so adamant
 but ended up with innards so  fataly purulent
the sticks in her womb had hastened her to the tomb
 sadly these were’nt rare but regular stories of doom.

That dusty road was one of many that failed to link
those far away homes , towns and villages at brink
the healers  cannot  alone fight this deadly delay
brick by brick I could imagine a survival road to lay
So that lives are not lost at times nick
Yes .. brick by brick.. brick by brick…


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