To Maa…

        Why the word for mother in almost every language begins with or has the phoneme ‘ma’ ?.. may be it’s because it’s a culture free first sound made by all babies; and since no one is more closer and needed to be addressed than a mother that the first possible utterings of those budding humans comes to denote ‘mother’. When I atlast begin a blog which is exclusively feminine the first post has to be dedicated to my mother.

         This is the best place to put in words (though no words can ever encompass) what a wonderful and beautiful human being she is. The one who has not only let me grow in her womb but also taught me to grow in this life.. loved me with all my flaws and can’t stop caring about me ever… it is love in its purest form that she has given me (and am sure most people will feel the same about their mothers.).

         My mother got married young but she continued her education and when her first born was a daughter she knew she had to make her highly educated and wise. I was a naughty kid with little intrest in studies. She had a tough time making me study so much so that once her little one completely refused to ‘study ever’. Her frustration and sadness melted in tears but she said nothing. That was the only time I saw tears in her eyes. The moment was observed but pondered upon years later and one oblivious day I had my AHA moment . I realised studying must be real important because my mother never cries. So I became the biggest bookworm you could ever find … topping and gathering degrees. But she didnt want a lopsided growth for me . She tries to make me understand the uniqueness of every human situation and the importance of ability to know things beyond the obvious . To be understanding, calm and compassionate.She has always wanted me to have a strength of character and knowledge and words to be my tools to conquer this world.

         I am trying to learn all that I can from each day which passes by and I hope to fulfil what my mother hopes from her only daughter.


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