I ask for freedom, but

you mock me , call me dumb.

I want you to understand,but

you just overlook or reprimand.

I aspire the horizon, but

you offer me a dungeon.

My thoughts want to paint

the world like a rainbow,but

you restrict my thoughts

never let my imagination grow.

I want to conquer mountains

and fathom the deepest sea,but

you draw lines and become

master of my destiny.

I want to be a star so bright,but

you deny even a ray of light.

I strive to break barriers and

fulfil my ambitions,but

you just cling to parochial

thoughts and convictions.

Stop there for a while and think

think of me as a person

not different from your son

with a right to live and goals to achieve.

So before my thoughts die

and imagination dry

give me wings……

Wings that can take me high

and I can fly..

(this is the first poem I ever wrote. It dates back to the year 1998 and got published in the school magazine. Though it is not the way it was originally written ,it is in essense what it was and what it always be…. Wings that initiated my flight into this world of words )


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