I fail to find words to write . Its like a lump in my throat that throttles the words. The emotions are so profound and the anger so sharp that I fret to find expression. The Guwahati incidence has left me dumbstruck and though there are not enough words but there is an unfathomable rage..


I have been stripped of words.

My emotions charred with ciggerette butts

Lay naked on the streets.

Eyes watched with sealed lips.

Haunted by aftermath of  camera clips.

Images of crass hands; of humiliating lust.

I have been stripped of words

My emotions charred with ciggarette butts.

The scars are just not on 16 year old heart

It is to stay on the soul of a nation

A nation referred to as “ Maata “

I can say no more cos I have been stripped

Stripped of words….