Chapter 2 : The Glow



The boy from the village tried to convince himself that it was a dream. But he failed. He prayed for his dead friend. The pale face did not haunt him anymore. Yet he was not truly happy .

The memory of the laughter slowly faded out. He yearned to hear it again. The glow voice and its sweetness also haunted him. There is only one way to know if it was a dream. He had to return to the forbidden forest .

Finally  on a random day when he could not handle the confusion anymore . He walked into the forest. He had no idea if he would find that place again. But he was a brave boy. He ventured. He wandered for hours within the forest almost reaching despair. Surprisngly he met no fabled ferocious creatures just miles and miles of dense forests. He realised he made a mistake. For a dream he brought himself to grave danger. Now he was truly lost. He was angry and tired and disappointed.

“Did you here him laugh again?”

“No.” The boy was looking at the glow with great relief and joy.

“I thought I had a dream. But you are real! Who are u?”

“Are you lost again boy?” the glow asked.

“Answer me!!” .He demanded impatiently.

“ I am lost too……….”

The first morning rays were touching the forest ground by now. The  Glow voice asked the boy to go back to the village and come again in the night.

Night after night the boy kept coming back .  He learned that the glow voice belonged to another world . A world of fires . She was a fire girl who got lost. As the days passed the boy grew happier and the glow slowly grew everyday to reveal to him a form similar to a girl’s. The boy grew fonder of the glow but as the happiness came back to him he returned back to his village life. He forgot to visit the forest sometimes. He slowly distanced. He had many friends but the glow creature just had him.

He forgot to tell her that she was his best friend. In his happiness he forgot to see that she grew sad. He forgot to say reassuring words to her when she missed her world .She was lost. He forgot that one day she would be found by her people and she would go  forever like his dead friend.

It happened.


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