Chapter 3: The Warrior

By the time the boy realised he had lost his friend again it was too late.  His visits to the forest were no  longer a secret. He had broken the rule. He was an outlaw. He was a rebel. The anger of his loss and the magical unreality of his ventures made him babble things that  no one understood.

He grew aggressive. He became  a stranger to everyone. Then he went silent. The handsome playful boy was lost again and this time for long.

The glow haunted him.

The memory took all his peace. Then came the war. The longest one ever known in that time. The king needed men. For the king and the country mothers sacrificed there sons. The boy was sent to war.

He  was strong. The babbling strange boy got pupose in war and  became a warrior. The General was proud of his skills. For several years they fought. The blood and gore, the sound of the rattling swords, the roar of the gunpowder absorbed his senses . Numbed him. But in the lonely hour something glowed in his heart and scalded it. He lost more friends in the war. He was getting used to it. Tears never occurred. He had learned to be a ‘man’. He was a heroic warrior.

The war ended. The boy  was now  a hero back home but he had almost lost track of his old life. All of it. Or so he thought till he dreamt of the forest again . Night after night he would search for his fire girl in his dreams. The glow haunted him and he did not know why. It made him sad . It made him restless.

He could not stay in the village anymore.


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