SHE… wears a smile like an armour.

She wears her smile like an armour. Even those who hate her, love her smile. She does not construct it with mortar of conscious effort. It comes to her naturally like breathing.

She forgets to breathe sometimes. So does she to smile. But as the breathing resumes itself naturally so does her smile.

She doesn’t smile to please. It is her way of living. It is not a camouflage. She always lets the smile rise up to her eyes. She is incapable of generating fake ones ‘cos that which does not brim up to the eyes is not worth a try.

She has a very toothy extensive smile. She has been told. Sometimes she likes to think that it’s her bone structure that has been designed to let a smile rest and cozy up every now and then.May be its the uncomfy over bite . Anatomic logic or whatever, she doesn’t mind. She feels blessed.

She has smiled through rough times and sailed above insults and humiliation. She wasn’t pretending to be strong or being defiant. She was just holding on dearly to the one thing that was her own. She was perhaps just regenerating her broken self-esteem and pride smile by smile. Don’t mistake her to be a moron to smile through all that… she does get hurt. She shows her wounds only to her close ones. For the rest of the world she wears her smile like an armour.


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