SHE… frees her eyes.

It’s about midnight and she, for the first time in hours,frees her eyes from the screen that claims to show her and connect her to the ‘world’. She spots the sunny glow of the bunch of chrysanthemums that had been sitting quietly for past two days dipping their feet in half the glass of water.Definitely not musing over the clever notings of the optimist and pessimist associated with it.

They have been gently sipping that plain water fasting unto death while she has been looking deep into the screen for so long.They secretly craved for her eyes.

But now she stares at them and wonders at the genetic mathematic precision of the whorls and the fibonacci series flashes in her head and before she could start 1+2+3+5+8+13…the still fresh yellowness distracts her again … she knows they will wilt in about a week despite the only water diet they been preserved on ..and then she wonders why has she has not looked at them so far…

The eyes can only see what the mind knows …the eyes get blinded when in love … beauty is in the eye of the beholder …but what about the eye which is not free … which is too busy to connect with the world that it actually loses sight of it…

WP_002977 (1)


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