She … conflict with time..



She is in conflict with time. She loves to waste it when she has plenty at her hand. She knows well that it will snap back at her hand like a broken over-stretched rubber band. She sometimes wishes that time was like the tape in old audio cassettes that she could rewind with a juggle of an ordinary HB pencil.

She used to think of her life in time labelled boxes ... tens, teens , twenties. She feels less need of boxes now as twenties box has some teens stuff and the stuff of the childhood spills everywhere. (There is some even in the new thirties box.)

She doesn’t want to be a time traveler. It would be too much to travel in time. Jet lags of advanced stage might kill her mental decorum. But she won’t mind if a time traveler comes to visit and shares stories of his exploits and thinks of her in special terms.

Her problem with time is that it passes away. It is not patient enough for her. It never stops to give her time to know herself. All it keeps doing is changing her, making her older and never fully equipped to finish things timely. Her plans spill over and get delayed. She abhors devicing time-tables . They make her look incompetent.

She loves the word timeless. This is why perhaps she prefers diamonds.Love as a feeling per se she feels may be timeless but when attached to people who are attached to time perhaps it becomes prone to change.

She keeps looking for something timeless within herself.


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