SHE ….nostalgia and the eucalyptus tree

She applies vicks vapourub on her nose sometimes just to get a whiff of nostalgia. It works like magic every time. Calming her nerves and quietening her mind. She glides effortlessly into the drowsy summer afternoons or calm winter nights when dreams came in beautifully and sleep was never elusive.Where she felt one with the present and future did’t invoke anxiety. Just happy anticipation.

She has researched the ingredients in the vapourub and is more than sure that the magic component is the eucalyptus oil. The tree that creates the blue mountains and is therefore named as the Nilgiri oil.

She has always been intrigued and attracted to the eucalyptus trees. Their strangely straight upward demeanours and astonishingly white barks put them a class apart from the humble brown barked trees who branched off before they could rise.

Her childhood notion that Eucalyptus did not belong to this soil was spot on. She has always believed that it grows tall propelled by a yearning , wrapped in nostalgia to rise above this alien soil and get a glimpse of it’s native earth. This yearning is so strong that it has seeped into it’s bark, roots ,branches and leaves…staining it permanently with nostalgia. It derives water from it’s adoptive earth but it’s dreams are entwined and inseparable from it’s origins.

That is why (she is sure) the Eucalyptus oil invokes nostalgia in her. She secretly feels happy to have discovered magic in an unlikely place; cos she knows how to slip into the comforts of nostalgia. A whiff of the Eucalyptus oil and she is transported.


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