Word Potrait #3 The boy at the tea stall

A roadside shabby tea stall with wooden benches for the customers. Plastic cups strewn over the grass.

It was a glimpse.

A thirteen year old boy sat on one of those benches. His face turned sideways to the road and his legs in khaki pants parallel to the bench . He was hunched a bit with his hands holding the bench like he was drowning at the sea and it was like a board that could keep him afloat. The expression on his face was unique and his milk tea complexion made it even more striking. His eyes droopy, almost half closed with a distant gaze. As if some deep worry dwelled in his heart or perhaps he was actually seeing beyond the chaos of this mundane life.

The mystery of his face drew me hard into that moment… like Mona Lisa’s smile has drawn in centuries.I could think he was worried or totally serene all at once .It seemed as if innocence had transitioned into wisdom in a single moment . Or may be my mind was conjuring …it was but just a glimpse .