Word Potrait # 5 The Geeky Boy

He stood quietly at the turn of the road . The geeky little bespectacled boy. The white of his glass frames quite prominent . Weak eyed studious little boy. His water bottle hung round his neck and he grabbed it like a heavy medal over his tiny chest. I wondered ,looking at his soft chocolate complexion and gentle demeanour, whether in this competitive bullying world (that is heavily influenced by appearances) this little boy struggled on confidence.

Meanwhile a stray litter-less bitch (white-like snow) strolled aimlessly towards the boy from the other end of the road .

I watched her walk towards the boy .As the personal space of these two unrelated insignificant beings collided something changed . In my prejudice I had expected the boy to fret , frown or shift uneasily as the stray animal neared. However, the boy astonishingly discovered a sudden purpose .He animated spontaneously into a music conductor, as if touched by the charisma of Mark Zubin.

An invisible orchestra played and he stretched out both his hands and waved his fingers and forearms looking at the bitch as if directing her to someplace more meaningful.The silent command was naturally grasped.The stray bitch obeyed with grace and rushed ahead to where the silent music would take her.

To my stunned delight , the boy whose confidence I doubted ended up showing what grandeur he possessed…. through this silent musical act that lasted for a quiet moment .


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