Word Potrait #6 The Girl on the rope

It was a summer day . The usual bus ride seemed longer. A torture. When I finally entered the car my head was still spinning over the unfair weather condition . Thoughts raced from global warming to my failings … but yea I wanted to pin it all on the weather.The feeling of discomfort and resentment shone on my sweaty face.
I meticulously engaged in weaving a web of these musings as the sweat slowly dying as the car’s air conditioning took over .

I was still nestling and wrestling these thoughts when I spotted her . On a tight rope . In the summer heat. Her knees bend over and resting on a copper plate balanced on the rope strung between two bamboo poles. Her ankles shining in the heat. Her toes gripping the rope. She held a bamboo stick to embrace her centre of gravity as her head balanced a couple of metal pots stacked one over other.

She slowly rhythmically pushed the plate( her knees were bent on) ahead over the rope. There was music I guess but I was deaf to it. I couldn’t think anymore. She had no expression on her face. I felt she had no face.Just the brown baked skin melting in the merciless heat .

She made me feel insanely rich at the same time robbed me of the luxury to complain ….. and pin everything on the weather.


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