Word Potrait # 4.. Lady in the morning.

It was early morning . I was sipping morning green tea. My eyes exploring the greenery around and ears soaking in the quiet of the morning.

My wandering eyes settled on a person standing on the large window in a multi-storey appartment building. She stood shifting all her weight on one leg and the other bent on the knee resting on the window sill . Her hands hanging out from the window as she observed the morning. The soft green and pink stripes on her night dress stood in stark contrast with her body language. There was no softness about her. She had the looks of a hard task master . Of someone who would test a situation well and not accept defeat without a good fight. She wasn’t bothered by the lack of a feminine curves and was so well at ease with her rotund form . All she exuded was an air of confidence and awe.

Some might shrug and dismiss her as a middle age overweight lady . Somehow I failed to do that. Perhaps it was her stance and ease with which she exposed herself to be observed, while she tasted the early morning breeze , that made me think differently.