She… Organizes her day.

She organizes her day in the hope of bringing back some control to chaos .She makes notes,lists and reminders.It helps her to some extent but little does she know that a day cannot be harnessed with a daily planner.It’s only the dawn and the dusk that can contain it. Rest of us can only hope to use moments to our best capacity but to control the movement of the day is no mortals calling.

Time flows in its own dear ways. She can either be in or out of tune with it.Lists are an illusion to pacify the realization of her otherwise insignificant existence in the cosmos and to keep her occupied from the larger queries of existence.The uncertainties are definitely mind boggling .

So she finds rescue in making to do lists and crossing them off. Just an illusion of control she knows …. but isn’t everything in life we do IS?


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