She … Point of singularity.

She was a dot growing at her own pace. Observing the world from a wholesome perspective and then he arrives.He is a disciplinarian who has lived his adventures and experienced his share of the world. She is hopeful of a beginning of togetherness. But he begins a discourse of his ‘straightness’. Of his clear goals of a healthy life .He views life telescopically.

He is linear she is all round . A line and a dot hoping for a future together. He wants her to stop being a ‘lazy’ spot. She knows she is growing and soon would be rolling away to great distances. He fails to hear what she has to say. He speaks the ‘truth’ and she is impressed by truth. He has a past and in his linearity he stays attached to it despite distancing from it. She asks of his past out of genuine curiosity. However by now he has become rigid and unrelenting. As the time passes she feels she is losing relevance as he is getting too engrossed in his regular monologues.

Now he wants her to be a line as well and not just a happy little artistically inclined dot. She is in a dilemma … she loves who she is.But with him she had begun to see a future.

However it’s not long before she realises ‘lazy’ dots don’t follow lines … they grow on their own ..alone…giving meaningful ends to long sentences.Period.


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