रूह साथी

समय की परतों में दूर कहीं
जगमगाते तारे से
रेखाओं और रंगों के परखी
इन्द्रधनुष से


आये और अपनी छटा बिखेर
अचरज भरी आँखों को
नम कर अंतर्धान हो गए |

मैं उन परतों को अब
तुम्हारे रंगों और रेखाओ
को देख
विस्मित सी …

उन निशब्द चित्रों की
अथाह भाषा में खो
रही ….

तुम्हे तो समय ने बांध लिया
पर तुम अपने
हाथों के निशान
इतने करीने से
छोड़ गए
की समय की बंदिश भी
तुम्हे रोक न सकी
मुझसे बात कहने से |

शायद यही रूह का साथ है
यही रूहानी पहचान है |



As I brewed a

cup of coffee

In a trance


boiled milk for

two cups of tea.

I contemplated on

celestial properties

Of a  ginger

(Influenced by Neruda’s piece on lemon)

And ironically crushed none

 in the tea..

I dipped the biscuits

Ate them all mushy..

rescuing them in time

from a plunge in the coffee..

Alone I mused

over this

Life of  little


trapped unapologetically

in an unparalleled wee..


The Pitfall Traps

I peeped into my head one day

and found

an  inward garden  of thoughts growing

in strange looking hollows shaped

like  pockets.

Small,large,dull,distinctively attractive,silly,

Lazy,brilliant, inspiring, innovative,shallow deep,

Creative,active, dormant…looking thought pockets

Within every thought pocket some time  was trapped

Some distinct time of my life hours, minutes,seconds,days,


Amidst this garden of pockets I saw some ideas growing ,

Some memories  residing, some emotions blooming

Some dreams emerging

illuminated  like giant promises of oak trees

Nevetheless ,each one of it in its heart and core had

Bits and pieces of time trapped from my life.

The time I invested nurturing that thought.

Those thoughts drinking from the time stream

of my life.

Then in a dimly lit vast corner of my mind I

Found an army of unexpected residents..

thought pockets

dramatically different from all others

Larger bellied and darker and moribund looking pockets

I wondered what were these …lidded but gapping

hollows in my head..

It reminded me of something I had read in a science class..

oh they closely resembled …

pitfall traps  …

the carnivorous pitcher plants trapping and digesting

hopelessly attracted and unsuspecting  victims

What were they doing in my head … ???

I queried with stunned surprise…

They were perhaps mutated thought pockets ..

but they were curiously empty

some had  loops and loops of

Time slipping into them

Churning and  evaporating  in that corrosive fluid

gurgling  in the deep bellies of those ‘pitcher’ thought traps..

They reeked of negativity and smelled of pessimism and the time

Wasn’t trapped or growing in them but mercilessly killed and lost


A pitfall trap garden flourished in my head and I searched for

and equation ,formula or a calculator to quantify all the time

I allowed to be trapped  and butchered in them.